The beginning


Bharat Shah, born on 5th August 1944 in the jain family is the third son of Shantibhai Lalubhai Shah and Bikhiben. Hailing from Palanpur, a rural village founded in A.D.746 which lies at the outskirts of Gujarat, Rajasthan; 350 kms away from Surat, a village which is now a popular landmark on the global map; its growth been credited to the fast-growing diamond industry.

In the stark contrast, its been seen that his luck charm has favoured this undergraduate hard-working boy of teens. Inadvertently, with the growing number of years, he has accumulated expertise in diversified businesses


Bharat Shah was elected as the past President of Bharat Diamond Bourse  Mumbai - the longest serving president and is the Hon. Chairman of the Mumbai Diamond Merchants Association.

His spectacular contribution towards diamond exports has won him several awards and his Company (B. Vijaykumar & Co.) has been the largest exporter of diamonds in the nation for 20 out of the 40 odd years in business. In a pioneering effort, Mr. Bharat Shah set up one of the largest diamond cutting factory worldwide in, Bangkok with over 4000 workers and as a corollary to the business also started the first international  manufacturing venture in India with, Star Diamonds (USA) at SEEPZ in 1991. Mr. Bharat Shah looks at diamond mining as a key focus for the future and has procured mining rights for  in the states of Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh; these blocks should be entirely operational in a few years from now. The commencement of diamond mining operations will therefore put B. Vijaykumar & Co. India’s only diamond company to be present across the complete diamond-value-chain, also giving them an exclusive and enviable position in global diamond markets. Mr. Bharat Shah is considered the absolute doyen of the Indian Diamond Industry, he is loved and revered by his fraternity