A Brief Info

Diamond Business

Mr. Bharat Shantilal Shah, the magnifico of the Diamond Industry and the pioneer who is internationally dubbed as the “Diamontaire of the Millenium” and commonly also known as the “Carat Czar”. A dignified and determined Entrepreneur with his far-sighted business acumen pioneered into a private empire of high value. In the stark contrast, its been seen that the luck charm has favored this Under-graduate hard-working boy of teens. Inadvertently, with the growing number of years, he accumulated expertise in diversified businesses. This essential skill set his foothold into the volatile diamond market. Bharat Shah is an inspirational figure to his predecessors who are following his success path of diversification of businesses who had established into an array of distinct and varied industries, which was uncommon then. His flagship company was called B.Vijaykumar & Company, which went on to win several national awards  

Bharat Shah, the third son of Shantibhai Lalubhai Shah and Bikhiben, born on 5th August 1944, Born Jain Shah a God fearing person has established several Jain temple across the country hailing from Palanpur a rural village founded in A.D.746 which lies at the outskirts of Gujarat, Rajasthan; 350 kms away from Surat, a village which is now a popular landmark on the global map which is credited to the fast-growing diamond industry. Past president of Diamond bourse at BKC. Very often people asked a large diamond broker with bonas-couzyn, A large brokering firm to be a successful diamontaire you need to be intellegent that goes beyond saying but you also need to have the right combination of abilities of the banker, manufacturer, marketer and need to have good judgement of people. Mr.Shah is a people's person. He is an honorary member of Mumbai diamond association. Not many know that he was the longest serving president of Mumbai Diamond Association .

Diversified Business


Mr.Bharat Shah forayed into the glamorous entertainment industry with fervor. In stark contrast, a movie afficiondo who boosted the growth of film industry by financing big budget films and as a result super-scaled the film industry. Truly a macro-thinker and a visionary Bollywood often refers to him as a “Movie-Moghul, Mr Money Bags and Market Mover”. His company mega –Bollywood is his production house, and VIP films his distributing arm. He also presents films on his name, as Bharat Shah Presents He has financed, produced and distributed a catalogue of 250 Films He embarked his journey into feature films of 1970’s to 2017’s where it has now become a full fledged mega multi- budgeted industry. One of his early known endeavour was Mr. Natvarlal, the big- financed movie to this latest release Indu Sarkar by Madhur Bandarkar. Over the decades he is largely responsible in establishing the Indian Film Industry as we popularly know it today. The industry’s landmark film “Devdaas”; his most expensive film was made by Mr.Bharat shah. This venture gave birth to big budgeted films. His movie business alone would be big enough to be unrivalled benefactor of the Hindi Film Industry. He was also one of the visionary of b4u, both movie and music channel.     

Real Estate Business

Mr.Bharat Shah has a land bank all across India which is noteworthy are Mr. Bharat Shah’s achievements in the real estate development sector. He has been instrumental in the development of several buildings & townships and has been largely responsible for the development of Mira Road (Suburban Mumbai) having constructed 3200 buildings in excess of 50 million square feet in the locality since 1980. Further he had also contributed towards the development of other suburban areas in Mumbai such as Nala Sopara, Vasai and Virar with the development of approximately 20 million square feet in the areas cumulatively. He   has also completed over 20 development projects in prestigious areas of South Mumbai which include landmark buildings like “The Plaza” at Hughes Road and “Legend” at Walkeshwar in the past few years. With a drive to backward integrate the supply chain Mr. Bharat Shah has recently set up Asia’s largest stone crushing plant in Vasai with an annual output of 1.5 million tons of sand. His Companies currently have more than fifteen million square feet under development in the suburbs over twenty active sites which includes a Mega Township project of 1200 acres at Ambernath and projects in South Mumbai, Goa, Surat, Varodara, and Ahmedabad.  


Mr.Bharat Shah has recently set his sights on the Hospitality sector and has acquired a stake in the Staywell Group which has a portfolio of brands namely: Park Regis (4/5 Star Hotels) and Leisure Inn (3 Star Hotels). The Group has 27 hotel properties in operation globally including in locations across Australia, Dubai, Bali, Singapore, and London. The  Staywell group has recently entered into the Indian market with its first two hotels in Jaipur and Gurgaon. A further 33 hotel deals have been lined up as part of a rapid expansion planned for the market over the next three years    

Charity and Philantrophy

Inspite of the huge business commitments, Mr. Bharat Shantilal Shah has philanthropically devoted much of his time and remains committed to the welfare and upliftment of the poor and socially backward classes. He has committedly supported institutions such as Palanpur Shishushala Balmandirnad Education Trust, Shree Gadhge Maharaj Dharamshala, Sarvodaya Ashram Sonali, Manav Mandir, Mumbai, Mahavir Jain Aradhana Kendra; which are engaged in the promotion of art, culture, education and welfare of poor and less fortunate. Mr.Bharat Shah is also an active trustee of The Seth Shantilal Lallubhai Charitable Trust, Vahalchand Dharamchand Smarak Trust, Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta and Family Medical Trust and the Mahavir Heart Foundation.  


Birth & Duty for Motherland

Since ,he hails from Palanpur he has a special bond with the city and hence he has committed himself as President of The Palanpur Samaj Kendra. As part of the initiative to spread education, Mr.Bharat Shah has acquired 140 acres of land in Varodara, Gujarat and is currently in the process of setting up a World Class University with a fully featured campus. Like a true charcoal in the diamond mines ,he has gone through testing times, thanks to political proximities to certain candidates. A pure political vendata was suffered by an innocent man making him scotsfree from all the allegations from all the courts, without much help from the outside world, making him harder, more polished and today he is a free man, shinning may be even more than a Kohinoor would….. 

Personal Life

Mr.bharat shantilal shah has married Bina. Lalita Ben and Haribhai’s modi’s only daughter in 1969. The couple is blessed with three children daughter reshma was born on 6 th oct 1970, Rashesh &  Rajiv his sons were born on 25 th march 1973 and second son on 3 rd dec 1976. comprise his immediate family today. Currently residing in a flat bought in1978 SWAPNALOK the prosiest apartment on Nepean sea road. a self contained bungalow across Priyadarshini Park.     

Recent Updates

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Wishes from Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar Wishes Mr. Bharat Shah On his Marathi Film Debut.

At the Trailer Launch

Mr. Bharat Shah at the Trailer Launch of the Film Indu Sarkar.